Aren't you ...yet?¿todavía no estás?
Did you bring your...?¿trajiste tu?
Did you remember to...?¿te acordaste de?
Don't worryno te preocupes
I just need to...sólo me falta
I totally forgetse me olvidó por completo
I'm comingya voy
It's getting latese nos hace tarde
No, I couldn't, no pude encontrar
cell phoneteléfono celular
contact lenseslentes de contacto
lipsticklápiz labial
so long, so muchtanto
to brushcepillarse
to comb one's hairpeinarse
to get nervousponerse nervioso
to get ready, to dress uparreglarse
to get, to grabagarrar
to have justacabar de
to hurrydarse prisa
to leaveirse
to lock the doorcerrar la puerta con llave
to paint one's nailspintarse las uñas
to pick uprecoger
to put (something) onponerse
to rememberacordarse de
to take a long time to, to be latetardarse en
to take a showerducharse
to turn off the lightapagar la luz
to worrypreocuparse