I canpuedo
I go/I am goingvoy
I havetengo
I likeme gusta
I wantquiero
Look for it.Búscalo.
a blouseuna blusa
a littleun poco
a teacheruna profesora
an opportunityuna oportunidad
bedla cama
for mepara mí
happy, contentedcontenta
happy, merryfeliz
in order topara
it doesn't cost anythingno cuesta nada
monthslos meses
one dayun día
pleasepor favor
s/he arrivesllega
s/he canpuede
s/he gets angryse enoja
s/he gets upse levanta
s/he grabsagarra
s/he is going to payva a pagar
s/he respondsresponde
s/he seesve
s/he sits downse sienta
s/he smilessonríe
s/he speakshabla
s/he walkscamina
the United Stateslos estados unidos
the morningla mañana
the summerel verano
the transportationel transporte
there is/there arehay
to escapeescapar
to goir
to livevivir
very good/excellentbuenísima
very prettysuperbonita
years of experienceaños de experiencia