PRESENT SUBJUNCTIVE: Stem and Spell-Changing Verbs


Stem-Changing Verbs

Stem-Changing Verbs in the present subjunctive follow different patterns depending on whether they are -AR/-ER/-IR.


almorzar: to have lunch

Stem-change in all but the nosotros/vosotros form

almuerce almorcemos
almuerces almorcéis
almuerce almuercen

querer: to want

Stem-change in all but the nosotros/vosotros form

quiera queramos
quieras queráis
quiera quieran

mentir: to lie

Stem-change in all, but in the nosotros/vosotros form
change E->I or O->U where appropriate

mienta mintamos
mientas mintáis
mienta mientan

Spell-Changing Verbs

In order to maintain correct pronunciation, certain verbs have a spell-change in the stem. You should be familiar with them from the preterite:

Verb ends in... Rule Sample Conjugations
CAR change C->QU buscar busque, busques, etc
GAR change G->GU pagar pague, pagues, etc
ZAR change Z->C almorzar almuerce, almuerces, etc



Got it? Now go practice!